Transformational leadership in a changing world of business.

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Suddenly we have been thrust into unprecedented and unchartered times, thanks to the new Corina virus, Covid-19, forcing businesses to close or reduce trading, furloughing their staff pushing the economy into sharp recession. On top of this we face global warming and the need to develop a more ethical sustainable and circular economy.

One thing is certain, to survive, businesses have to evolve and ‘Transform’ to meet changing consumer buying habits, wants and needs, they are looking for ethical sustainability. Changemust happen within, starting with the ‘Board’ and Leadership.

The ‘challenge’ you face is how to do this while protecting your organisational ‘values’ and the ‘value’ you provide all your stake holders i.e. Customers, Partners, Supply Chain, Staff, Operations, Logistics HR, the Environment while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Here are some top 10 tips for you to think about;

  1. Review your business ‘Values’, Ethics & Sustainability are they right for the 21 st Century?
  2. What are your customer ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and their values? Do your business, products and services align with theirs?
  3. Review your ‘Brand’, ‘Logos’, Website and Communication Channels, what messages are you sending your customers?
  4. Look at your staff and wellbeing initiatives, they are the bedrock of your organisation, without them you would not exist. Create a positive inclusive agile culture, so they are proud and energised to work for you. Provide them with the resources, facilities, training and safe environment they need to do the job right first and every time.
  5. Think about your ‘Supply Chain’ and their staff, they are just as important and can make or break your company. Sustainable Ethical Provenance is one of the of the emerging values of customers/consumers.
  6. Review your entire Operations, i.e. HR, Logistics, Marketing, Product (manufacture/service), Back Office Services and all the Inputs/Outputs and Customer Touch Points, do they all function seamlessly, do they all add value to the process and each other?
  7. Resources/Costs, can they be made efficient through modern practices & digitsation.
  8. Is your product/service sustainable? Introduce a ‘Circular Economy’ to maximise revenue.
  9. Internalise your Brand and Marketing so that every member of staff knows who you are, what you are about and are proud to work for you. They will make a difference.
  10. Review your ‘Data’ and the ‘Information’ you get from it, is it intelligent?

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